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Located on the Big Island of Colón in the Caribbean Sea, the Ordovician Beach Resort is a tranquil retreat surrounded by crystal-clear waters and rich marine life. In tune with the natural essence, our resort offers intimate and luxurious accommodations. Guests can enjoy white sand beaches and vibrant coral reefs, ideal for both water adventures and moments of relaxation. Winding trails lead to secluded coves and picturesque jungle views, inviting you to explore our captivating natural surroundings.

At Ordovician Beach Resort, we enjoy an authentic culinary experience with our garden-to-table commitment. Our organic garden provides fresh, high-quality ingredients for every dish, from aromatic herbs to exotic vegetables.

From the garden to the table

The founders, Rick and Loan, came to Panama from Hawaii in search of a new home and discovered a place where they wanted to build not only a business, but also a space for the development of the local community. The philanthropic aspect of its management is always present at the heart of its mission.

Rick and Loan

Embark on an adventure with our boats available to explore Portobelo National Park. Discover its colorful reefs perfect for diving or snorkeling, as well as its lush mangroves bursting with life and greenery. Discover this paradise known as Colón.

Go beyond the coast with Ordovician

Ordovician is the ideal destination for your exclusive events, whether it is a dream wedding, a corporate anniversary or any special occasion. Our guests can enjoy the celebration indoors or outdoors, surrounded by the sea and nature.

Successful events and celebrations

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The calm of the Caribbean awaits you


Villa Over the Sea

The villas are located on the sea, offering views of Tambor Island, the northernmost point of the country.

Owner Suite

The owner's suite features some of the best ocean views, as well as luxury finishes and a bathtub.

Junior Suite

The junior suite offers large spaces, sea views, a terrace-type balcony and direct access to the sea.

Deluxe Ocean View

Elegance in its utmost simplicity: our luxury rooms provide panoramic sea views, perfect for families and groups.

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