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"Ordovician is full of beautiful places. Having the opportunity to work here and, at the same time, enjoy this paradise is a privilege."

Krisbel & Liz Marie


"I grew up near the island, watching it grow is more than satisfying."


Security agent

"Leading Ordovician as general manager is an honor, where every day is an opportunity to create exceptional experiences and grow this dream destination."


General manager

"As a housekeeper at Ordovician, every thoughtful detail is a contribution to the charm and comfort of this paradise. It is a privilege to beautify this home away from home for our guests."



-Treat others how you want to be treated, always .

-Do the right thing, always .

-Give your best effort, always .

The 3 Golden Rules.

Rick & Loan

The founders of Ordovician are proud to tell everyone how welcoming the Isla Grande community has been to them.

“The opening of Ordovician is not just a business, it is a way to help the surrounding community develop its tourism reputation and therefore make the town a more successful and prosperous place for locals.”

Rick and Loan make sure to source more than 80% of their workforce from the local population.

They are well aware that education and opportunities are the key for people to make their way to a better lifestyle.

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